Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Bjørn, PhD, is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Clinical Microbiomics. Bjørn is part of the leadership team together with the CEO and CFO. He is responsible for directing the science team and our scientific innovation. Moreover, Bjørn oversees all client projects. Bjørn has an outstanding background as both group-leader at the Technical University of Denmark and has been a frontrunner in the field of microbiome research for more than a decade. He has published more than 20 high-visibility publications within the microbiome field, covering biomedical discoveries and a series of key analysis concepts for microbiome data. Bjørn has extensive expertise in analyzing, integrating and managing diverse types of data. With his experience and innovative mindset, Bjørn has played a key role in establishing Clinical Microbiomics as the leading CRO for advanced microbiome analysis.

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