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We are a contract research organization specializing in microbiome and metabolome analysis. We tackle your research question with an interdisciplinary approach, widening the spectrum of biological data we utilize and ensuring we find the right path forward. For information about our bioinformatics tools, visit our data analysis pages.



Shotgun sequencing and amplicon sequencing are two widely used metagenomics approaches in microbiome research which allow detection and quantification of specific microbes in samples. Shotgun sequencing and long-read sequencing facilitate de-novo discovery of novel microbial species and viruses.

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Metabolomics is the large-scale study of small molecules known as metabolites, which aims to capture the multiple metabolic processes occurring in a biological system. Metabolite profiling provides a real-time snapshot of these metabolic processes when the sample was collected. 

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Regulatory expertise

We provide submission-ready microbiome data packages through our GxP compliant services to be part of your trial master file for regulatory submissions.

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Data analysis

At the core of Clinical Microbiomics are our domain specific bioinformatics expertise, toolbox and services, that provide our clients with actionable insights from complex data. We have a decade-long record developing world-leading analytical tools and concepts that allow us to answer our clients’ questions. 

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