Pioneering microbiome science

Operating as an extension of your research organization, we take a broader approach, analyse deeper, and connect the dots to help find the answers needed to impact health and disease.

Compared to many scientific areas, the microbiome research field is emergent. Initiated in… [insert short history of the field]


True pioneers

We are proud to count Bjørn H. Nielsen, PhD, as our Chief Scientific Officer. Bjørn has been a frontrunner in the field of microbiome research for more than a decade. He has published more than 20 high-impact publications within the microbiome field, covering biomedical discoveries and a series of key analysis concepts for microbiome data.

Bjørn has extensive expertise in analyzing, integrating and managing diverse types of data. His knowledge and leadership in the field is recognized internationally. With his experience and innovative mindset, Bjørn has played a key role in establishing our company as the leading CRO for advanced microbiome analysis. Today, he is responsible for directing the science team and leads our scientific innovation projects.

Clinical Microbiomics in numbers

In 2017, [insert name(s), insert roles] founded Clinical Microbiomics. [insert market need]. On a fast-track ever since, the company developed its activities in new markets, segments, and customers at an impressive pace. Based in Medicon Valley, ….

Dedicated to advancing microbiome science, we continuously improve our bioinformatics tools to keep offering you state-of-the-art services. We remain devoted to innovation, with x full time employees developing new tools, and supporting customer projects with innovative approaches.

In 2022, Clinical Microbiomics acquired MS-Omics, a Danish start-up focused in metabolomics analyses. Founded by Morten Danielsen, PhD, and Lea G. Johnsen, PhD to support customers from academia and businesses to gain a deeper insight into the underlying mechanisms of their studies.

This partnership set Clinical Microbiomics as the only microbiome research CRO with combined expertise in metagenomics and metabolomics, opening the way for multi-omics projects that bring microbiome science one step further.

Today, Clinical Microbiomics consists of a team of 60+ skilled employees, among which 30+ PhDs. With science at our core, we keep pushing the boundaries of microbiome research and connect the dots to find the answers you need to impact health and disease.

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