Clinical Microbiomics A/S and CosmosID Inc. Merge to Create the Global Leader in Microbiome Research Services

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 11th, 2023 – Clinical Microbiomics A/S, a leading innovator in bioinformatics and systems biology for the microbiome field based in Copenhagen, Denmark, announces the merger with CosmosID Inc, a leading CLIA-certified, GxP-compliant microbiome CRO based in Germantown, Maryland, United States.

Clinical Microbiomics and CosmosID will form the first-ever microbiome service company with a global infrastructure of state-of-the-art multi-omics laboratories, advanced bioinformatics, applied AI and integrative systems biology expertise meeting GxP Standards. The purpose of the new company is to help scientists worldwide understand how the microbiome influences health and well-being– from humans and animals to plants and the environment.  

Anders Grøn, CEO at Clinical Microbiomics, commented:  

“We are a company made up of scientists – Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. With this merger, we pool our expertise, resources, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in microbiome research. Our aim is clear: to enable and empower microbiome scientists with new tools, concepts and insights that will catalyze groundbreaking discoveries. Microbiome is the next modality in healthcare, and we’re here to help our clients and partners lead the way.” 

Addressing key industry challenges 

Standardization of sampling, data generation and analysis in the field of microbiome research is a major challenge. The integration of Clinical Microbiomics and CosmosID will provide a unique opportunity to accelerate standardization to ensure reliability and comparability of results, addressing a major hurdle for global studies. The new entity allows access to local GxP laboratories with rapid turn-around times and adherence to regulatory standards. This is complemented by a cutting-edge analytical platform developed at the global center of expertise for advanced bioinformatics and integrative systems biology. Moreover, the merger combines the systems biology expertise and advanced, customized bioinformatics reporting of Clinical Microbiomics with the CLIA-certified laboratory and interactive software for data delivery from CosmosID. 

Manoj Dadlani, CEO at CosmosID, Inc., commented:  

“We are convinced this merger will make life easier for our clients. For the first time, it will be possible to ship samples to one location in each region for microbiome and metabolite profiling when running global microbiome studies – and to receive the data, results, and analytics in a standardized form through interactive software and/or a customized report. We’re excited about the convenience and excellence this brings to our clients and the broader scientific community.” 

Engaging clients and employees 

Clinical Microbiomics and CosmosID are purpose-led companies with a legacy of servicing the microbiome community. The merger is designed to strengthen efforts to help clients address the key challenges in developing microbiome solutions across pharmaceutical, consumer, academic, agricultural, and industrial segments. 

Our immediate focus is on business continuity prioritizing seamless delivery of projects, while engaging our clients, employees and shareholders in a process to design the vision for the new company, including which industry challenges to address. Both Clinical Microbiomics and CosmosID are dedicated to ensuring that exceptional service remains paramount throughout this transition. We are committed to delivering ongoing projects, collaborations, and service at the highest level of quality. 

The Journey to a New Company Brand 

It has only been 12 months since the merger between Clinical Microbiomics and MS-Omics, a leading metabolomics company, and the company’s trajectory of rapid expansion continues with the CosmosID merger. Guided by a Board of Directors with notable industry profiles such as Isabelle de Cremoix (CEO, Seventure), Caroline Popper (former CEO of Diversigen), and Professor Morten Sommer (Scientific Director at DTU), this union represents an impressive track-record of facilitating microbiome innovations. 

Bjørn Nielsen, CSO at Clinical Microbiomics, commented:

The merger allows us to invest more resources to improve our offerings and stay at the forefront of microbiome science. We plan to make advancements in lab technology and computational methods, all guided by our client needs and our commitment to high standards.

Initially, the new Company will be referred to as “CMC” (Clinical Microbiomics, MS-Omics, CosmosID) until a new Company Brand will be launched during 2024 to exemplify the joint strategic vision of the company. CMC will be headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and will employ more than 100 people in scientific, operational and commercial functions across three laboratory and bioinformatics sites in Europe and North America. 

New Executive Management 

Following the merger, the executive management has been updated as follows: 

  • Anders Grøn, CEO 
  • Manoj Dadlani, CCO & President, North America 
  • Henrik Knudsen, CFO 
  • H. Bjørn Nielsen, CSO 
  • Kelly Moffat, US-operations & Global NGS Technologies
  • Morten Danielsen, EU-operations & Global Metabolomics Technologies

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: 

Anders Grøn, CEO, Clinical Microbiomics: anders@clinical-microbiomics.com 

Manoj Dadlani, CEO, CosmosID: manoj@cosmosid.com   

About CosmosID 

CosmosID was founded in 2008 by world-renowned microbiologist, Professor Rita Colwell, to develop computational methods that could leverage Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to better understand health and disease. Today, CosmosID operates state-of-the-art laboratories and is offering advanced analytical services to clients via the CosmosID-HUB (SaaS solution). CosmosID is the leading microbiome CRO in North America and backed by Applied Industries Holding, a Swedish Private Equity group led by Executive Chairman Bruce Grant, as the largest shareholder in the company. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.cosmosid.com. 

About Clinical Microbiomics 

Clinical Microbiomics was founded in 2015 by Professor Morten Sommer and co-founder Rasmus Toft-Kehler, PhD. The company is particularly renowned for its pioneering work on clonal-level microbiome profiling, which is the most sensitive, precise, and comprehensive in the field. In 2022, Clinical Microbiomics acquired MS-Omics, adding metabolite profiling to the multi-omics services. Clinical Microbiomics is the leading microbiome CRO in Europe and backed by Seventure Partners, the world’s largest investor in microbiome companies. For more information, please visit our website at https://clinical-microbiomics.com/. 

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