Clinical Microbiomics at the Microbiome Forum 2023

This week, our team was attending the Microbiome Forum in Rotterdam. Our colleagues Marianne, Milda and Josef were welcoming attendees at our booth to discuss their microbiome research projects.

As always, Global Engage had prepared a very exciting conference agenda and gathered experts from across microbiome research areas.

On Monday, Marianne Koliana, our VP Business Development gave an insightful presentation on submission-ready microbiome data for clinical trials enabled by our clonal-level microbiome profiling, engraftment analysis, metabolomics, and multi-omics integrative analysis solutions.

Josef Korbinian Vogt, our Director of Integrated Systems Biology presented on the Infant Health, HMO & Nutrition track, showcasing how clonal-level microbiome profiling and machine learning can be used to advance insights for infant health using metagenomics data.

Our team at our booth at the Microbiome Forum in Rotterdam

Our VP Business Development, Marianne Koliana, presenting at the Microbiome Forum in Rotterdam

If you missed us or the presentations, contact us to schedule a meeting with our team.

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