The Clinical Microbiomics team



Anders Grøn
Chief Executive Officer
Henrik Bjørn Nielsen, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Henrik Knudsen
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Morten Danielsen, PhD
General Manager, MS-Omics

Business Development & Commercial Team

People & Organization

Helle Drachmann Andreasen
VP, People and Organization
Susse Egeskov Davidsen
Administrative Assistant

Metagenomics team

Timo Kern, PhD
VP, Lab Operations & Technologies
Helle Pedersen, PhD
Director, Integrative Systems Biology
Josef Vogt, PhD
Director, Integrative Systems Biology
Janne Marie Moll, PhD
Director, Scientific Operations
Pernille Myers, PhD
Senior Bioinformatician, Microbiome
Thorsten Brach, PhD
Senior Scientist, Microbiome
Oksana Lukjancenko, PhD
Senior Bioinformatician, Microbiome
Alexander Guðjónsson
Biostatistics Scientist
Joachim Johansen, PhD
Senior Bioinformatician, Innovation
Jakob Russel, PhD
Senior Scientist, Innovation
Paula Rodriguez
Bioinformatician, Microbiome
Sara Pita
PhD Student
Mads Cort Nielsen
Bioinformatics Student Assistant
William Hagedorn-Rasmussen
Bioinformatics Student Assistant

Metagenomics lab team

Priya Sivarajah
Laboratory Coordinator
Aleksandra Kociolek
Laboratory Scientist
Jin Cui
NGS Specialist

Metabolomics lab team

Stefanie Riegels, PhD
Laboratory Coordinator
Carsten Birk, Carsten Birk, PhD
Senior Laboratory Technician
Subia Tariq
Biomedical Laboratory Technician


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