At Clinical Microbiomics, we believe the intricate microbial ecosystems known as microbiomes are the new frontier in human health. We exist to untangle their complexity in search of mechanisms that impact health and disease, facilitating development and commercialization of microbiome interventions. 

We help our clients decode the genetic and metabolic fingerprints of our microbial inhabitants, providing insights into the intricate relationship between the microbiome and human physiology. Thanks to our proprietary microbiome multi-omics platform, we can accurately analyze microbiome (taxonomical and functional) and metabolome differences between samples – from different treatment groups to differences between healthy individuals and those with disease. We support clinical and pre-clinical studies with end-to-end metagenomics and metabolomics services, leading bioinformatics solutions and advanced biostatistics linking the microbiome and metabolome to clinical data and outcomes. 

Innovating at the forefront of the field, our team of leading scientists come from diverse backgrounds, including microbiology, bioinformatics, analytical chemistry, data science, statistics, and more. Together, we’ve created numerous breakthrough tools and analytical techniques that set new standards for understanding and influencing the microbiome.  

Operating as an extended research arm for some of the world’s most prominent academic institutions and leading biotech, consumer health and pharma companies, we support clients throughout the entire study – from initial concept to final reports and scientific publications.  

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