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Operating as an extension of your research organization, our team of leading microbiome scientists work broader, analyze deeper, and connect the dots to address our most urgent health challenges.

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Prebiotics & Nutrition

Take advantage of our dedicated pipelines for analyzing the impact and effects of HMOs and other prebiotics on the gut microbiome.

Resistome analysis

Identifying resistance genes in the microbiome, from single strains up to complex metagenomes, for analyzing antibiotic resistance levels.

Probiotics & Live Biotherapeutics

We assist our clients in tracking and understanding colonization of probiotics and live biotherapeutics.

Animal Health

Characterizing the composition and function of animal microbiomes is key for a better understanding of animal health, antibiotic resistance in agriculture and various animal diseases.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

Analyze how the gut microbiome varies between samples – from different treatment groups in your study or for comparing the microbiome in diseases to that of healthy subjects.

Skin Microbiome Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of the skin microbiome using our proprietary pipelines for 16S rDNA amplicon sequencing and metagenomic shotgun sequencing.

Oral Microbiome Analysis

Get insights to one of the most complex microbial communities of the human body.

Vaginal Microbiome Analysis

Get insights to the overall diversity and the range of Lactobacillus species and strain variants of the vaginal microbiome.

Why We Are Different

Clinical Microbiomics has extensive experience in uncovering microbiome diversity and offer de-novo discovery of microbiome diversity from shotgun microbiome data, including de-novo construction of gene catalogues and identification, annotation and profiling of metagenomic species.

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Clinical Microbiomics acquire MS-Omics to become leading multi-omics provider for the microbiome field

Clinical Microbiomics receives EUR 10 million investment from Seventure Partners

Anders Grøn joins Clinical Microbiomics as new CEO

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Clinical Microbiomics is the world’s leading provider of metagenomics analyses advancing microbiome analyses across industry and academia.

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